Finnish Moto Guzzi Owners Club since 1982

Gruppo MOTO GUZZI Finlandia (GMGF) was founded in 1982 by a small group of enthusiastics who wanted to keep the spirit of “L’Aquila” flying high also in Finland. The club is called simply “Gruppo” amongst the members and is an officially registered association since 2006. All MOTO GUZZI motorcycle owner can join the club. In 2016 the club counted over 550 members.



The activities of the Gruppo include


-    publishing a membership bulletin called “Il Falcone” twice a year
-    arranging rallies and meetings
-    give members a forum to meet informally to discuss and exchange experiences regarding the different aspects 
     of (Italian) motorcycling
-    and of course - having a good time in a good company



Administrative board of the Gruppo MOTO GUZZI Finlandia


Kimmo Saarelainen
tel. +358 400 744 011
e-mail: kimmo.saarelainenpp1.inet.fi


Mikko Kiuru
Vice President
tel. +358 40 726 9166
e-mail: mikko.kiurupp.inet.fi


Olavi Nolte
Secretary / PR-officer
tel. +358 40 849 4413
e-mail: olavi.noltegmail.com


Pekka Karjalainen
PR-officer / Treasurer
tel. +358 40 547 5568
e-mail: pekkakarjalainen620gmail.com


Keijo Minkkinen
Event coordinator / contact-officer for other clubs
tel. +358 40 315 7212
e-mail: kmkeikka57gmail.com


Left: Keijo, Olavi, Kimmo, Mikko and Pekka